127. Losing Her Head

Amy takes a good look at the sentries and decides she can beat these airheads. She steps back to assess the situation. The axe heads each have a point in the back, but she decides she'd rather deal with the point than the blade. She heads to the left side with the idea of climbing around the back.


The axes slide together to keep the two blades directly in front of Amy. Hmmmm... Amy tries heading to the other side.


The twin blades slide as she moves, exactly matching her position. Maybe she can knock the statues over... She walks over to the right suit of armor and gives it a shove. Nothing. She braces with her legs and puts all her strength into pushing it sideways. It doesn't move an inch. In frustration, she rear's back and kicks it.



Amy feels the force of the impact on her toe through her leather hiking boot. After hopping around for a few moments she decides to re-assess.

"Hmmm," she thinks, "maybe a little test." She pulls off her backpack, crouches down in the middle of the doorway, swings the pack back, and tosses it through the door into the hallway.


Sure enough, the axes plunge into the ground as the backpack soars through. Amy tries to quickly hop over the axes while they remain wedged in the ground, but the blades quickly reset as she moves forward.


"Alright, subterfuge didn't work." Amy looks into the hall beyond the doorway. Her backpack lies on the floor a few feet in, unscathed. So these sentries aren't as perfect as they seem. Amy decides it's time to take the plunge. She gets down on her haunches, tenses her legs, and pushes off.

SHHHIIINK-SHLOP! WHOMP! Whump, whump, whump...

The axes move a bit more quickly this time. As Amy flies through the doorway the axes quickly intersect to slice neatly through her neck, sending her body crashing to the floor and sliding a few inches forward while her head, a look of surprise grafted on its face, rolls several feet into the hall. Amy's mother always said she had a good head on her shoulders; looks like Amy's proven her wrong.

Amy is in no condition to continue this adventure or her life.

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