233. The Armed Security Door

Amy is intrigued by the incongruous metal door at the rear of the hallway. A large sign in the middle of the door written in large red letters reads, "Warning! Authorized personnel only! Extreme hazard!" Underneath the words are about a dozen hazard symbols. Amy recognizes some of them from the various science labs around the campus: radioactive, toxic, biohazard, and so on. Some of them, though, are unfamiliar. A Frankenstein's monster? An almond-eyed alien head? A mud-flap girl?

A keypad is embedded in the wall to the right of the door. A small LED screen above it flashes the message "ARMED - INPUT KEY TO ENTER." For a laugh, Amy gives the door handle a tug. As expected, the door is locked. Amy doesn't hold much hope of getting in here. Still, why is this door here? And what could be behind it? Amy wonders if it might be worth trying to bypass the lock...

What should Amy do?

Try to crack the code on the door

Head back to the Grand Hallway