238. The Foggy Door

Amy decides to see what lies beyond the glass door. As she approaches, she sees mist seeping around the edges of the doorway. The glass has fogged over, but she can make out some hints of lush green through the condensation. The glass is warm to the touch. She tries the handle, only to find the door is locked. Amy briefly considers breaking the door open, but then thinks better of it. She doesn't have anything on hand that she can throw through the door, and she'd prefer not to risk tearing up her arm or her leg on shards of broken glass. Besides, she reasons, the glass looks pretty think; if she were to kick it, she'd probably just bounce back and land on her butt. If push comes to shove she can always break in later, but for now there just doesn't seem to be a need. She decides to head back to the Grand Hallway.

To the Grand Hallway