7. Gurgle

Amy decides she can’t trust the tree and wants nothing to do with him. She figures the quicksand is a better option; at least she can swim through that, if necessary. She slowly wades in.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you…”

The quicksand quickly reaches up to Amy’s thighs, then her waist. As she goes in deeper, the resistance gets heavier and her progress gets slower. When she gets up to her chest and still hasn’t touched solid ground, Amy begins having second thoughts. She turns back and tries to move the other direction, but finds she can no longer move herself forward. Panicking, Amy begins to flail around in a desperate attempt to move in any direction. Soon she is up to her shoulders, her neck, her chin. As she gradually sinks downward, Amy begins to wish she had listened to that tree. Nothing he could have done would have been worse than this…

Amy is obviously in no condition to continue either this adventure or her life.

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