75. Steel Sentries

Amy walks around the staircase and approaches the double doorway in the far wall. Through the doorway she sees a long hallway lit by several chandeliers and wall sconces. Pictures hang from the walls, but she can't make out any details from the outside. She also notices a variety of weapons hanging between the paintings, along with some suits of armor. Two more suits of armor flank the doorway. Each holds in its hand a large axe on a long pole.

Amy walks slowly to the entrance. As she draws close, the helmets of the two suits quickly snap to look at her. Amy leaps back, startled.

"H... Hello?"

The suits just stare back at her. After a few moments Amy decides it's safe to walk forward. About a foot from the door the axes drop down, crossing one another and blocking the entrance.


Amy jumps back again. If she had been walking any faster, those axes would have taken her nose off! Maybe this is a sign that she's not wanted here. On the other hand, she's not sure she'd be any more welcome anywhere else in this house, and she thinks maybe if she's careful she can avoid the axe blades.

What should Amy do?

Try to slip past the sentries

Head back to the Grand Hallway