8. A Romantic Interlude

Amy cautiously approaches the tree.

“How long ago did Shannon come through here?”

“Oh, several nights ago, I think. I was sleeping at the time, but she tripped on my roots and I caught sight of her just as she ran off that way.”

“Oh, so you didn’t really talk to her?”

“Not at all, she wasn’t friendly like you are. You’re not going away any time soon, are you?”

“Well, I…” Suddenly a vine snakes out and wraps around Amy’s legs. The vine tightens, causing Amy’s legs to snap together and causing Amy to fall forward onto her face.

“I thought not.” Suddenly the tree’s face takes on a devious grin.

“What are you-mmerfrfmff!” A vine wraps around Amy’s head multiple times, muzzling her mouth and preventing her from speaking.

“Hey, there, darling, you look like you're having a tough time moving. Must be all those tight clothes...”

Vines fly at Amy from all directions, slithering into the armholes and neckhole of her t-shirt, into the waistband and legholes of her pants, into her socks. With one mighty tensing, the vines tear through Amy’s clothes, leaving them in tatters on the ground and leaving Amy naked and wrapped in vines.


“Now, now, you look a little tense. What can I do to calm you down?”


“Maybe a little massage… an intimate massage…”

A tendril gently probes the sensitive folds between Amy’s legs and in her rear. “MMMF!” Amy’s eyes grow wide as she realizes the implications of the tree’s last sentence. More vines converge on Amy’s form, twisting around her and spreading her limbs wide. Several branches, sticky with sap, wave in her direction, as a large root pulls itself from the ground and moves languorously toward her.

The next morning, Amy emerges from the woods, naked, wearing only a battered pair of glasses. Her mouth is slack, her steps forced, her eyes glassy. Her hair is disheveled and her body is smeared with dirt and mud. She slowly makes her way to the car. The only thing she can think about now is getting home and putting this whole night behind her. Shannon had clearly escaped the tree’s predations. Good for her. She could live with whatever lay beyond on her own.

As Amy approaches her car, she hears a deep voice in the distance.

“Hey, toots, ya forgot something! Any time you want a little action, you know where I'll be!” Suddenly a small object flies up from the horizon. It traces a graceful arc before coming to a landing on the hood of Amy's car. She looks at it, barely registering what it is. Her panties, white with little red hearts. She absently puts them on, then winces as she pulled them up. Her butt is prickled with splinters, and the panties drove them into her flesh. As she opens the car door and, with trepidation, starts to sit down, she decides she is not looking forward to the long, bumpy car ride home.

Amy has lost the desire to continue this adventure. Go back and see if you can’t make this journey a more pleasant one for her!

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