Amy's Haunted House Adventure

Welcome to Amy's Haunted House Adventure! I've been working on this story for well over a year now and, thanks to Daphne's generosity, it now has an official home on the web here at Perils of Dawn!

Amy's Haunted House Adventure is an interactive story. You read a page, then are presented with several options for where you'd like the story to go. Some of those options will progress you forward toward the story's conclusion; other options will condemn Amy to a grim fate. But don't worry, any time Amy meets her demise you'll be presented with a handy link to take you back to a convenient check point.

In writing this story, I was heavily inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure books and Sierra graphic adventure games I played as a kid. I was also quite directly inspired by Daphne's work on the New Perils of Rosella, an interactive fiction homage to King's Quest IV. You can find that here if you haven't read it already. I also highly recommend Daphne's Perils of Dawn stories, which, while not interactive, are much in the same style as Amy's adventures.

At the moment, the first two chapters are written and work has begun on chapter three. The story will be five chapters total. The big picture planning is done for the rest of the story and now I just need to get the details arranged and do the writing. No promises on when the next update will be, but hopefully we'll see a few episodic updates to chapter three in the near future.

Thanks go to Daphne for generously offering to host Amy's Haunted House Adventure.

Finally, before commencing I must offer a Trigger Warning and Disclaimer. This story contains a lot of death. Some of it is goofy, much of it is comical, and some is a bit on the gory side. Depending on your choices, Amy can wind up crushed, impaled, chopped in half, eaten, burned to cinders, or transformed into any number of objects or creatures, to name just a few of the options. There are also a number of bad endings that result in sexual assault, embarrassment, and outright rape. I do not, in any way, endorse such things in real life. This story is intended as a fantasy and should be taken as such. If any of the above elements seem likely to trigger an unwanted negative reaction, it is highly recommended that you not read this story.

If, on the other hand, this seems like your sort of thing, then by all means click below and enjoy!

-Amy “NoComeupance” Ziegfeld

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 (In Progress)

Last updated: October 2, 2012

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