29. The Big House

Rosella strolled through the lush grass of Tamir’s countryside enjoying the fresh air, gentle wind, and warmth of the
afternoon sun.  It reminded her of the majesty of Daventry and helped her forget the putrid swamp, and terrifying troll
cave.  Despite how serene and lulling the wavy green grass was, the princess did notice the startling size of the trees as
her direction transitioned into a wooded area.  The trees were gigantic and marvelous.  Dark brown trunks massively big
around, and green explosive canopies of leaves provided a rooftop over the rich earthy land.

After stumbling a few times over troublesome roots in her awkwardly favorite heels, Rosella noticed a cottage in a
clearing up ahead.  It didn’t seem out of the ordinary until she got closer and closer.  It became as majestic as the forest
itself, even more so.  Upon breaching the forest perimeter, she found herself 50 paces away from the sturdy cottage
and the looming size took her breath away.  The strong oak door at the front of the house must have stood twice the
princess’s height, and a thatched roof that forced Rosella to tilt her head all the way back to see the wisps of smoke
puffing out angrily from the chimney top.  She had returned to the ogre’s house.

While she had never actually spoken to the ogre or his wife, Rosella was not sure they would take kindly to her
decidedly small self.  That being said however, she could not deny that a home so grand might contain grand things.  
So, courageous or not, the intrepid young lady would have to find a way to get inside and have a look around.

Pacing quietly around the cottage, Rosella decided there were only two possible ways to get inside.  The obvious one
was the front door, while the somewhat less obvious way seemed to be two windows.  One was on the side of the house,
and the other on the back.  While both were located on the first story of the cottage, they were too high for the human
sized princess.  Even standing in her heels, her polished nails could barely reach the windowsill.  If only she had
something that she could stand on to make her taller, she would be able to climb in through the windows.  There was
nothing around the outside of the house that appeared usable, though perhaps elsewhere.  But was there time to look
around?  How was Rosella going to get inside the ogre’s cottage?

Knock on the Door

Open the Door

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