3. Mission Grounded!
Deciding it best to tell her family where she was headed so as not to put any unnecessary stress upon her father’
s only recently regained health, Rosella put her chin forward and marched into the flickering light of the dining
“Well, hello there my daughter,” cooed Valanice of her precious young princess.  King Graham smiled warmly
at the entrance of his beautiful daughter.  Her brother, Prince Alexander was the only one to see it immediately.
“What is the matter?” he asked forwardly.
Rosella shook her head of her own thoughts, the words she was planning during her
march into the room seemed to be rattled by her brother’s acute observations of her inner
workings.  “I… there’s… I need to return to Tamir!  There is trouble there once again,
and I fear Lolotte… I must go back,” her words trailed off into a whisper as her cerulean
eyes searched the warm rug pattern on the floor for the strength to sound resolute.
Alexander dropped his gaze from his na´ve sister at the sound her proclamation.  Valanice’s eyes did
nothing to hide her surprise and they didn’t need to, because her jaw dropping seemed to sum it up for the
audience in the fireplace lit royal dining hall.  It seemed only Graham showed no reaction.  His eyes
betrayed nothing, while the muscles in his face followed suit.  And that seemed to be it, for several
moments, unless somebody could hear the sound of Rosella’s heart beating like a humming bird in her chest.  
Her ivory face was revealing a bit of red and she hadn’t breathed in nearly a minute!
“You will do no such thing, now sit down and--”
“I will- I am!  I am going to Tamir to--”
“Sit down, Princess Rosella!”  Graham’s cold formality frightened his young daughter, but her resolution
would not be defeated that easily.
“No, I won’t, I’m going!” she cried through newly formed tears, turning to burst out of the room, back to
the mirror.  Back to Tamir and adventure.
“Alexander!” called Graham in royal authority.  The young prince
nodded in response, quickly standing to block his sister’s stubborn
escape, and gently, but firmly grab her upper left arm.  Rosella’s
blue eyes burned with cold sibling betrayal, seeking out her guilty
brother, but his face had turned down in the shame of responsibility.  
Her chin quivered in the overwhelming feelings that erupted as this
situation played itself out.  “Take her to her room, Alexander.  
Rosella, you are grounded and will not leave the confines of your
bedroom until I say otherwise.  Are we clear?”  She did not reply.
The guards cover the magic mirror
“It is for your own good, my daughter,” added Valanice trying to
sooth the wound that this room had become.  Once again, Rosella
said nothing.  With a gentle urge, Alexander led his obstinate sister
out into the hall, and up the winding stairs to her room.  She cast a
longing glance at the shimmering mirror and the adventure that lay
behind the glass.  Two palace guards had shown up to hang a heavy
tarp over the magic mirror even before Rosella reached the top of
the stairs to her bedroom.  Once she was inside, Alexander locked
the door from the other side, leaving the princess to her solitude.  
Despite the fact that her bedroom was large and lush with
extravagance, it felt cold and small.  She was after all a prisoner
under another name.
Looking at her new surrounding, Rosella was determined to get an idea, something, anything that she could
do to remedy her current situation.  It all boiled down to one thing.  It was time for Rosella to make a
decision.  Will she…