4. Nothing to Get Choked Up Over!
Deciding that she’d really had enough of Tamir the last time, Rosella turned to head into the dining hall for a
much-needed meal.  She was starving.  Let the Pesky Genesta deal with Lolotte herself this time.  After
exchanging brief greetings with her family, Rosella eagerly gnawed away at the large portion of chicken before
her.  It looked absurd in front of her ever-slight frame, but she was a growing young girl after all.  With a
sudden surge of panic, however, the princess stopped eating all together.  Her slender fingers slowly let go of
the piece of chicken while her naïve blue eyes, glazed over with an ever so subtle confusion.  The delicate
ivory skin on her face began to playfully imitate the color of her eyes.  Rosella wanted someone in her family
to notice and help, but they all seemed attentive to their own platters.  The sweat began to form on her brow,
and air seemed a preciously lacked resource, as Rosella began to think.  Are my braids to tight?  Is my gown to
heavy for this fire warm room?  Alas it was none of those things.  Just a little chicken bone that found it’s way
into her narrow throat.
And while Genesta and her fairies were likely meeting a terrible end at the magical hands of Lolotte, not to
mention the unsolved mystery: was Edgar really a monster again and helping Lolotte?  Rosella found herself
getting all choked up over it!
-The End