68. Laying Low

As the wind picked up to dangerous gusts, Rosella carefully crouched down onto her hands and knees wincing as she
felt bits of loose gravel biting through the dainty fabric of her gown and hose.  She hoped to make herself as flat as
possible in the increasing winds and wait for the danger to pass.  It seemed wiser than taking the unnecessary risk of
running in a pair of heels while teetering over an endless void!  Unfortunately things are not always as they seem, and
sometimes taking risks is the necessary route.

Rosella’s hopes were dashed when the winds did not die down.  As she crouched low, trembling in the might of the
gusts, she began to rethink her decision to not move forward, but the revelation came too late.  When she stood up to
undo her first instinct, the powerful wind caught hold of her slender body.  Her knees and ankles could not withstand the
pressure of balancing in her heels.  Rosella waved her arms out at her sides as she teetered back and forth awkwardly
before the wind finally slapped her off the path like an unforgiving hand.  She screamed as she fell and Lolotte’s goons
screamed back at her in mockery as the doomed princess tumbled down into the void.  The cloak whipped about her
chaotically as she blinked in and out of sight.  Her cries were constant until her lungs gave out and the colors of her
blonde hair, red dress, and white legs faded into the inky void.  She wouldn’t be alone, however.  There was a large pile
of bones that she would be joining!

-The End

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