10. Lake

Amy finds herself on the shore of a black lake. The full moon reflects off the water and somehow manages to make the lake seem darker by comparison. An island lies in the middle of the lake, seemingly floating on the water. A small structure, possibly a shed, stands on the island, silhouetted against the moonlight on the lake. Something about the lake is strange, though. Amy notices that the lake seems perfectly round, which is rather unusual. She walks down to the shore and bends over to inspect the water. The edge of the lake falls off abruptly, as though it had been dug rather than eroded. Amy concludes that this is some sort of man-made lake. She reaches down to dip her hand in the water, and it comes out sticky. Against her better judgment, she licks her finger. Salt! The lake is filled with salt water.

This is all rather puzzling. Who would build a salt-water lake in the middle of a forest? What’s on the island? Amy contemplates how best to proceed.

What should Amy do next?

Swim out to the island

Head back the way she came