17. Eight Hands of Doom

Amy decides to explore the island. Thinking about it, she realizes that it would probably be unwise to swim out into a lake fully-clothed and with all of her gear. She removes her backpack, carefully turns off her flashlight and returns it to the pack, then takes off her boots, socks, and glasses. Jeans will absorb a lot of water and will only weigh her down, and her t-shirt will just make swimming awkward. She takes both articles off. She contemplates her underwear for a moment. It probably won’t get in the way, but at this point why bother with something else to weigh her down? She decides to split the difference and takes off her pink bra, but leaves her heart-print panties on, if only out of modesty. As she’s about to jump into the water, she returns to her pack and pulls out her pocket knife. Never know when she’ll need something to defend herself with.

Amy hops into the water and begins swimming free-style toward the island. The water is cold and sticky, and she quickens her strokes so that she can be out of it sooner. The island slowly gets closer, and as it looms over her she makes out what looks like a sign. She finally reaches the island and sees that it has edges that are just as unnaturally steep as the lake’s outer shore. Amy puts a hand on the edge and squints at the sign.

“Beware of octopus.”

“Huh?” Suddenly, Amy feels a slimy tendril snake around her right leg. She grabs frantically at the island as she tries to scramble up, but she is rapidly pulled backward and downward. Soon she finds herself face-to-maw with a giant octopus. Tentacles snake around her legs, her arms, her neck, her chest, and her torso. As the air is squeezed from her body her eyes roll back in her head and she loses consciousness. Just as well; all she missed was the octopus tearing chunks from her body with its talons as it made short work of her slender form. Come morning the only marker of Amy’s burial at sea would be a backpack, boots, socks, jeans, a t-shirt, bra, and glasses on the shore, left derelict by their former owner.

Amy is obviously in no condition to continue either this adventure or her life.

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