13. Eaten by a Grue

Amy decides to keep walking. Within minutes she has lost even the sliver of light she could see before. She trips and stumbles several times, at one point slamming her whole body into a tree. Sitting down to collect herself, she rubs her face where it just had a rough encounter with some tree bark. She starts to stand up, but finds her head constrained. It seems her hair is caught on something. She twists around, expecting to find her hair tangled in a branch. Instead she turns her face into a rush of hot, fowl-smelling breath. A drop of saliva falls on her cheek and stings slightly. She screams, but nobody hears. With a sickening crunch a giant pair of jaws clamps around her waist, piercing her skin, her muscles, her organs. Amy is consumed by pain as her body is consumed by a Grue. Fortunately the intensity of the experience causes her to black out before the worst of it.

The next dawn, morning sunlight pierces the canopy of the forest. As the day ripens the diurnal creatures of the woods emerge to go about their business. A small squirrel climbs down an oak tree in search of nuts. As he approaches the ground he hears some flies buzzing and smells fresh scat. He races toward the odor in hopes of finding a few undigested nuts. His hopes fade as he finds the source of the smell: Grue dung. He decides to poke through it just in case. He scours the scat and turns up a cracked and twisted pair of glasses, some tufts of long, brown hair, assorted broken bones, and a snatch of heart-print cloth, but no nuts. What a worthless pile of crap.

Amy is obviously in no condition to continue either this adventure or her life. Go back and make better choices.

Go back and make better choices