23. The Graveyard

Amy gingerly pushes the gate open and walks into the graveyard. Rows of stone graves spread out in front of her. Most of the graves look old and worn down, but some farther away seem relatively new. There’s clearly room for expansion, though, as the graveyard is probably only two-thirds full.

A flicker of movement catches Amy’s eye, and she quickly turns her head to get a look. Nothing. Amy stands still for a few moments, the only sound her breathing. Amy thinks she sees something glinting by a grave off to the right. She starts walking toward it, then stops herself. In the corner of the graveyard stands a large crypt, the only one in this graveyard. Whoever is buried there must be important. Perhaps it bears closer inspection?

What should Amy do next?

Leave the graveyard

Inspect the glinting grave

Inspect the crypt