33. Bombs Away!

Deciding that the best way to rescue Genesta and save Tamir was to confront the evil Lolotte herself, Rosella marched
toward the mountain path that lead up to her wicked castle.  The rocky ground leading up the path was difficult to
navigate in her awkward heels, and quickly the young girl found her ankles and knees straining themselves
unnecessarily.  Complaining about it would do little good at the time.  Her hasty decision to jump into this quest, and
utter lack of thinking on her outfit would have to wait until later.  For now, all Rosella could do was grin and bear it like a
good little princess.

While the path began with mountain walls looming up on both sides, it shortly gave way to very narrow and very high
open path.  It was like a stone snake that wound up and around, leading into the jaws of the monstrous black castle.  
The sight of it just gave her the shivers.  As scary as the castle was, her more immediate threat was the winding stone
path at her uncertain feet.  It was only a few feet wide, and had Rosella had the courage to peer over either side, she
would see that it dropped off into a foggy imperceptible depth.

Digging deep within herself, Rosella found some courage and managed to get her frozen feet working.  Each step was
taken carefully with wobbling ankles, partially because she was in heels, and partially because she knew she was in
heels and one misstep from toppling down to a plummeting death!  Alas that proved to be the least of her problems, as
shrieks cut through the air, and the sound of flapping wings soon followed.  Looking up quickly, Rosella saw something
that made her heart sink, and cover her mouth to prevent the scream already in her throat.  They had a wide span of
leathery bat wings protruding from their backs.  While human in form, their bodies were jet black, with ghostly white
horned heads, and sunken eyes.  Clawed hands reached out in anticipation as they flew in the direction of the girl
teetering on the narrow path, her long hair and dress billowing in the wind as she watched their approach with saucer
blue eyes.

Rosella thought about trying to run away from Lolotte’s flying goons, but she couldn’t move her feet.  It was as though
her heels were spiked into the rocky path, terrified eyes fixated on the creatures as they made wide arcs through the air,
circling her.  The two goons made a formation and swooped down quickly at the cowering princess as she held her arms
above her head in feeble attempt to protect herself.  That only made it easier to snatch her right up off the path and
high up into the air, each one with a firm grip on an arm.  Rosella kicked and screamed in protest watching her heels fly
off her feet in the process disappearing like little doll’s shoes into the abyss below.  The sight made her heart flutter with
an overwhelming panic.  While she assumed the goons were carrying her off to have her kneel before the judgment of
the evil witch, Lolotte, she never expected they were simply there to assure she never reached the castle.  The thought
only crept into her mind when she felt the clawed grip loosen on each of her slender arms.  The delicate fabric of her
dress sleeves ripped as they slipped through the clawed fingers that had only a moment ago gripped her like a vice.  
She watched the winged creatures get smaller and smaller through a wide eyed scream.  She was now the doll following
the shoes…

-The End

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