24. Tamir
The raging waterfall poured down into the stream at its foot crashing loudly into white foam while the wind
contrasted gently through the lush green grass of the meadow.  Birds traversed through the afternoon sky chirping
away, taking perch in healthy green trees eyes sharp for any worms wiggling down on the ground.  The scene was
nature at a calm, just plants and animals.  Then a slender white hand cut the surface of the foamy waters.  Delicate
fingers stretched searching for something unclear to the animals that watched from around the meadow.  The hand
rested upon a heavy rock that lay at the bank of the stream, and the fingers suddenly clenched with intensity.  
Another hand surfaced and reached for the rock, and the matching pair proceeded to pull forth a young girl from
the chaos of the swirling waters.  Her thin arms struggled to pull her out of the water to rest her back against the
rock, panting for breath.  The girl’s skin was porcelain white accented more so by the chill waters and her
chattering teeth.  Her sopping wet hair was sun washed golden, twisted into twin loosening braids with red satin
ribbons.  However out of place for her recent activity, she wore a long vermilion gown slit high up her thigh on
the side to reveal two slender legs encased in fine white nylon.  Her feet were tucked snuggly into a pair of dainty
black heels with silver buckles.  Blinking her eyes, the girl wiped the back of her hand against her face to remove
the drops of water from her long eyelashes so that she might see the world around her with her bright blue eyes.  
Her eyes squinted against the glaring sun, but adjusted and welcomed the warm rays just as her pounding little
heart slowed its pace back to a normal rhythm.
17-year-old princess Rosella rested with her back against the rock for many moments letting the warm sunlight
dry her sopping red dress and water logged stockings.  She kicked of her heels watching a puddle of water pour
out of them causing her to grimace.  With a tug, she loosed the satin ribbons binding her twin braids, and shook
her blonde locks free to cascade over her back and shoulders like a golden flag set out to dry.  She closed her
eyes, and took a few moments to rest against the rock in the sunlight while gaining her wits back, and drying her
royal self off.
The warm air and sound of the birds helped calm the princess, but she knew her rest was short lived.  She
could not afford to bask in the sunlight for very long.  Adequate rest would have to wait as the afternoon sun
was passing quickly, and would soon lead into sunset, the prelude to nighttime.  Perhaps the world of Daventry
under the moon and stars was a marvelous and invigorating delight, but not in Tamir.  The darkness brought
about unspeakable horrors out from the fog that lay low on the land.  It would not be wise to be a well-dressed
girl so unprotected traversing around flippantly and without caution.  And this was nothing to say of the
unknown perils Genesta and her fairies were facing at the wicked hands of Lolotte and her henchmen!
Feeling the imminent weight of her quest resting on her sleight shoulders, Rosella got to her feet, slipping her
heels back on.  The gracious sun’s rays had done wonders to dry her off in precious minutes, and she felt a
refreshed vigor coursing through her veins.  Adjusting her stockings, and smoothing out her dress, the princess
took a deep breath signaling that she was ready.
While Rosella knew she ultimately needed to retrieve Cupid’s bow from the mummy’s crypt, she wasn’t
entirely convinced that it was the safest place to go without protection.  With the vast locations of Tamir,
Rosella needed to decide where to investigate first.