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"Nice going, Dawn. NOW you've done it!"


Clean Underwear by Aeolus06

After Dawn Meadows' parents passed away, she inherited the family mansion, the green jaguar, and the fortune that accompanied the Meadows name, but she was not content sitting around being a “pretty little thing.” Dawn needed more, craved more. She had a curiosity in her that just could not be satiated by money (which is good, because she certainly did not make any being a reporter at the Rose!). Thus, she absorbed as much as she could at her private schooling at Ivy Ridge, wowed Mr. O'Neil (a difficult thing to do), and secured her position at the Rose Tribune. She specialized in mystery and crime solving, certain that was where the true stories were. Dawn's investigations seemed to take her to the brink of darkness, and one might worry that someday she might fall over the edge from getting too close. Until that day, her tenacity, and search for the truth and justice guided her high heels in the right direction, even when they were resting comfortably beneath her desk, and not on her poor little feet.


Fresh Pair by Sofyan