The Perils

Dawn's first adventure! Will she crack the case? Or will her budding career crumble to dust and blow away in the wind?
Dawn responds to a mysterious letter. Will her investigation prove fruitful, or will she shrivel on the vine?
Young Dawn goes searching for some missing students. Will she find the missing... or join them?
Dawn teams up with a fellow sleuth to solve this mystery. Will they get in double the danger... Or wind up as double the dinner?
Dawn investigates some hyper-intelligent snakes. Will she outsmart her serpentine foes... or find herself at the bottom of the food chain?
Dawn Meadows infiltrates a secret facility. Will she sneak past security and secure the goods... or will her tights wind up decorating the security room's trophy wall?
Dawn investigates a snake-worshiping cult. Will she master the snake... Or will she be calling the snake master?
Dawn investigates the origin of a mysterious ooze. Will she decipher the ingredients... Or join them?
Dawn breaks the office dress code one time too many. Will Mr. O'Neill let it slide... Or will Dawn find her emaciated legs sliding right out of her hosiery?
Dawn investigates the finances of some shady characters. Will she bust their books wide open... Or become another asset on their ledger?
Dawn investigates a factory that's been seeing a lot of mysterious disappearances. Will she stay safe... Or wind up a cautionary example?
Dawn finds herself wandering the jungles in search of something to soothe her parched throat. Will she slake her thirst... Or slake something else's appetite?
Young Dawn runs away from a high school dance and finds herself in a spooky woods. Will she keep on running... or linger awhile?
Following a night of passion and espionage, Dawn finds herself wandering the jungle in inappropriate attire. Will she escape having learned a valuable lesson... or will her sweat-slick hosiery be the death of her?
Dawn investigates a white slavery ring. Will she wind up as a savior... or merchandise?
Dawn runs afoul of a mummy-worshipping cult. Will she unravel this mystery... or get all wrapped up?
At the Rose Tribune office, Dawn gets a run in her hose and decides to borrow a co-workers hosiery... without asking. Will her larceny go unnoticed, or will her thievery bite her in her adorable posterior?
Young Dawn investigates shady dealings at the bank. Will she bust the case wide open... Or provide target practice for the bank's new robotic security system?
Dawn attempts to escape a supervillain's volcano lair. Will Ms. Meadows fly free... Or go up in smoke?
Dawn takes a break from a charity dinner and runs into some rough customers. Will she be making a charitable contribution to law enforcement... Or wind up drowning in liability?
Dawn finds herself on a wooded mountain hunting for a story when she finds a hungry witch who takes an interest in her strawberry-scented hose. Will she discover a hot scoop... or will the tasty reporter prove to be the juiciest mountain strawberry of all?
Dawn uncovers an ancient secret amongst some Greek antiquities. Will she uncover the statuary find of the century... Or become the statuary find of the century?
Dawn finds herself stranded on a deserted island. Will she swim to safety... or wind up as the catch of the day?
Young Dawn contemplates shoplifting some hosiery. Will she get away with her misdemeanor... Or find herself working off her debt to society in the food court salt shakers?
Dawn attends a museum function dressed to the nines in a slinky black dress (and her lucky heart-print panties). But when she discovers some villains trying to awaken an ancient evil, will she save the day, or become part of the exhibit? More importantly, will she escape this peril without putting her cutest undies on display to her gravest foe?
Dawn meets a tricky genie. Will she outsmart him... or find herself adorning some lucky womans legs and nethers?
Dawn goes undercover to infiltrate a nefarious corporation. Will she successfully navigate their draconian dress code... or will the strict enforcement bug her too much?
Dawn uses all of her womanly wiles to avoid trouble with Mr. O'Neill. Will her sexy seduction get her out of hot water... or into it?
A young Dawn Meadows starts a new internship at the Rose Tribune. Will she be placed on the investigative journalist track... or in the cafeteria (salt shaker division)?
Young Dawn goes on a field trip and winds up separated from the class in a bamboo forest. Will she navigate to safety... Or will her undergarb provide a landmark for future wanderers?
Young Dawn investigates a shady business. Will she hack the system... Or will the system hack her?


Jungle Thirst by sl44n3sh