The Artists

dawnhead1.JPGSofyan Syarief is the talented man behind Dawn's terrified expressions, and precarious positions. He is the co-creator of The Perils of Dawn and lends not 
only his wonderful artistic talents to the project, but also his witty humor to some of Dawn's grimmer moments. Please take the time to let Sofyan know that you appreciate his work here on the Dawn Project by dropping him an email (doeljek@yahoo.com) with your comments and questions. I only ask that you're professional, and patient for your replies. Thank you. Also don't forget to check out his Deviant Art gallery to see his different art styles and talents!

dawnhead8.jpgMadmoiselleclau brings perils to Dawn in a style that many call "Disney" but it's truly one all her own. For every hint of "Disney" is an equal attention to detail that is all her own signature design. These subtle details jump out at the viewer in her Perils of Dawn creations. She maintains a gallery at Deviant Art where you can see wonderful original art as well as fan art featuring Disney Princesses in several art styles. Be sure to take the time to enjoy the wonders of her large art gallery, and let her know how wonderful you find it!


Legg's by Sofyan

dawnhead12.jpgNippy13 is a talented artist/animator bringing Dawn's perils alive with a delightfully Disney style. His lavish artwork comes to life with cartoon bliss. His professional work is evident in level of detail in his line art and followed up with breathtaking color work. Few people would argue that Dawn Meadows is beautiful after seeing her peril at his hands. He also maintains a very prolific gallery at Deviant Art showcasing his love for the Little Mermaid and many other characters Disney. Do yourself a great favor and check out his work as well as let him know what you think. He loves to chat with fans.

dawnhead11.jpgMistytang creates Dawn Meadows and her inevitable perils in her very own unique comic book style of pencils, ink, and CG. Most notably is the way her colors and shading pop out at the viewer. She also clearly knows how to capture the long legged femininity of Miss Meadows. While Mistytang is a staple artist here at the Perils of Dawn site, she hosts her own prolific gallery at Deviant Art, a place that showcases her many layered talents in character design, color expertise, and great style. Do yourself the favor, check out her gallery, and let her know that she rocks!

dawnhead14.jpgHollyBell joins the Perils of Dawn as a special guest for the 25th Peril. Her lovely blend of Disney Princesses, fantasy and historical characters merge to create a style that is breath taking. She shows us Dawn in a very innocent doe like beauty while maintaining the menace of her peril and even manages to throw in a little humor into the mix. Make sure to check out her gallery at Deviant Art to see the multitude of her other works, and be sure to say hello. Feedback on her hard work makes it all more worthwhile!

dawnhead13.jpt.jpgTwiggyMcBones brings a flavor to the Perils of Dawn that feels reminiscent of the animations of Don Bluth's Dragon Lair. It has all the fun of cartoons and and just as much of the danger. Like most of the other artists that have lent their special view of Dawn Meadow, TwiggyMcBones boasts a wonderful gallery at Deviant Art. There you can see all of her other work where she features several different styles of art, including fan galleries of Harry Potter and Avatar (the animation). She certainly doesn't shy away from sexy pinup artwork either. Do yourself the favor and check out her gallery and be sure to give her the feedback she so well deserves from fans.

dawnhead9.jpgJoeHentai's take on Dawn Meadows is a one of kind. He's the first artist to create the Perils of Dawn through the use of prismacolor markers and white oil pastels. The effect is like no other, seeing Dawn as though on a canvas painting. His attention to detail, color, and shading brings his characters to life and the backgrounds they live in. More of his pinup and comic style artwork can be found at two of his Deviant Art websites. Please do yourself the favor and visit the plentiful galleries of Joe Hentai and CD007. Your life will be better for it!

dawnhead10_copy.jpgRaphaella brings Dawn Meadows to life in true comic book style. Her interpretation of Dawn captures the very look and emotion of the comic books and detective novels that have inspired the character to come to life. When Raphaella isn't pitting Dawn Meadows against her latest untimely end, she's hosting a grand catalog of her own work featuring an homage to X-Men Evolution and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Check out the fantastic character work on the Deviant Art gallery of Raphaella and be sure to let her know how much you think she rocks!

dawnhead2.JPGKent Holle has stepped in to provide his very own version of Dawn Meadows and her myriad of perils. Kent is the creator of the web comic: P.U.C.K. which can be found at theflamingcat.com Check it out and get some good old fashioned laughs!

dawnhead7.jpgFelinaedeath showcases a retro art style to The Perils of Dawn universe. She is a prolific artist of different styles that can be see on her Deviant Art 
gallery where is a well known and reputable artist in the community. Art styles range from retro looks to modern original characters to an extensive 
gallery of fan art dedicated to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Check out her work and let her know how much you really enjoy it!

dawnhead6.jpgLouisblack78 brings a flavor of anime style to the Perils of Dawn. His passion for this style of artwork comes alive in his Deviant Art gallery where he showcases his cute girls gallery, specializing in his love for Megaman fanart. This artwork can also be seen featured in the Megaman community. Check out his gallery and let him know how much you enjoy his work!

dawn16.jpgKittifiedmeow brings her own blend of cheesecake pinup style to the Perils of Dawn. If you check out her Deviant Art gallery, you will see her fun and nostalgic trip through an art world of yester-year where the pinup art of the mid 1900's reigned supreme. Make sure you do yourself a favor and check out her works, and as always leave a kind word to thank her for her talents.

dawnhead3.jpgXJKenny is one of the most prolific artists on Deviant Art and brings his unique character style to the Dawn Meadows universe. He updates his DA 
gallery on a nearly weekly basis with new illustrations of his characters that are a joy to behold. Take a look at his giant Deviant Art gallery and let him know what you think!

reddmannhead.JPGReddmann sheds the reputation of Dawn Meadows only being an animated girl, by bring her to life in thrilling live action peril! For the first time, the world gets to meet the real Dawn Meadows. Reddman's other superb talents can be seen in Voreville, a site dedicated to devilishly creative photo shoots and movies featuring women of all sorts, all in peril. Check him out!

dawnhead4.jpgSuicide DID is a premier artist in the realms of damsels in distress, specializing in the predicament of bondage for his poor heroines. His talents are a welcome addition the Dawn Meadows universe, and not to be missed. Be sure to check out his very own damsel in distress website Trifecta where you can see his collected works!

dawnhead5.jpgDangerman-1973 is a prolific comic artist that features his large cast of characters of the "Anything Goes Universe" See his crime fighters help save the world when we need it most! If you can't get enough of his artwork there, he is host to a multitude more on his Deviant Art gallery. Check out his stuff and let him know what you think of his characters.

dawn15.jpgHippo2 comes to the Perils of Dawn with his whimsical take on genies, magical lamps, and that age old saying "be careful what you wish for!" If you visit his Deviant Art gallery, you will be exposed to a multitude of different genies and the various ways that wishes can go amiss! He's also big on story telling with his artwork, so go ahead and check out his work, and as always, be sure to tell him what you think!

dawn_sitting.gifSergio Mora-Díaz is the wonderfully brilliant creative talent behind the cute little Dawn sprites. His sprite work is also featured in the Magic Mirror Games production of the VGA remake: King's Quest IV. Take the time to let him know what a wonderful job he has done by dropping him a friendly email here: smorad@gmail.com