A Way With Words

By Daphne

The lobby was a marvel of lavish design, sparing no expense or hint at modesty. Dawn Meadows patiently perused, lingering at a display that claimed to be a magical genie lamp. It was beautiful in that it was very old, clearly a relic. Its display was like a centerpiece of attention in the lobby. She was in the Grand Hotel of Switzerland moments away from an interview with Mr. Massri, an interview that was not easily secured. Like most villains, he was crafty, careful, and always a step ahead of the law. This allowed him to operate freely in the world maintaining his daily activities while his underworld actions conveniently were never revealed to the light of justice. That was about to change. Dawn Meadows had carefully orchestrated through dogged detective work, a plan that would allow her an audience with Massri, and expose him for the villain he was, for all the world to see. It was a perfect plan, and would bring a very dangerous man to justice, finally.

"He will be ready shortly, Miss Meadows," came a curt statement from behind. Dawn was stirred from her thoughts, and turned to face Massri's secretary. She was a shrewd looking woman, very exact in her appearance, always to the point. She did not mix words, or bother with subtleties, such as politeness. It was inefficient, and a waste of time. Dawn often wondered what it was like to work for Massri, and apparently, it took a person like this woman here, to do it.

"Yes, of course, thank you for the update," replied Dawn politely, attempting to establish a good will between herself and the cold secretary. It never hurt to form allies.

"I should remind you that Mr. Massri's time is very important, cannot be wasted, and he is a very private individual. The time he does allocate to public interviews is precious, and must be organized, professional, and according to plan."

"Yes, yes, I read the very detailed memo that you sent to my office," replied Dawn, a little annoyed by this woman's implication that she was not the professional reporter of the Rose Tribune that she was. "All my questions were submitted to you for approval prior to today, as you stipulated" added Dawn, which of course was a lie. While she had submitted a list of questions she would be asking to Massri's secretary in advance for review in order to secure the interview, she had left one very important one off the page. That was the bomb she going to drop midway through, and catch her one very big villainous fish.

"Yes, you did, and all the questions met with Mr Massri's approval," agreed the tense little secretary, "I'm surprised you failed to inspect your appearance this morning. As you know, Mr. Messri's public appearances are scrutinized to fine detail, and he has expectations that feature no compromise. Hair, makeup, professional attire, must be impeccable to meet his standards to maintain the agreement made prior. I'm afraid that unsightly run in your nylons, Miss Meadow will just not pass inspection. I'm going to have to rescind our offer for the interview at this time," the secretary concluded her cold and informative statement.

Dawn looked down and saw the treacherous run identified by the shrewd little woman. She began seeing her perfect plan unravelling before her much like the threads of her wretched pantyhose. She could not lose the interview and fail to expose Massri's villainous crimes on account of cheap pantyhose!

"Wait! I… I have an emergency pair! I mean, what girl doesn't come prepared for moments like these?" Dawn giggled nervously. "Nylons, they give out when a girl needs support most," she rambled, trying to buy herself time, while her mind worked for a rapid solution. This of course was a lie. Dawn did not have an extra pair of pantyhose. She hated having the one pair on her legs, let alone carrying a second pair on her! The folly of her selfish decision was not lost on her at this time. The terse secretary crossed her arms, apparently not amused, and her impatience was running out of patience. Racing her mind in circles, an idea formed that was just so crazy, it might work. What she needed was a little bit of magic to get her out of this fine mess.

"You have five minutes. I will escort you from your room at that point to the interview if your appearance is impeccable. If it is not, the interview will be cancelled, and we will lodge a complaint of your time wasting antics with the editor of the Rose Tribune.

"Of course, no there won't be any need for that," she added with a hint of panic in her voice. The last thing she needed was being reported to Mr. O'Neil on account of this. He'd fire her and toss her out like yesterdays ruined pantyhose! Turning away from the scrutinizing eyes of the secretary, Dawn placed her purse on the table that displayed the magical genie lamp. While she was pretending to shuffle through her purse for a fresh pair of nylons, she furtively slid the lamp into her open bag. "Okay, found them! I just need a quick minute to change into them. See you soon!"

"Do hurry, Miss Meadows. I will be up to retrieve you momentarily," warned the secretary. 

Upstairs, in the safety and privacy of her room, Dawn removed the magical lamp from her bag. She felt silly, but there was no time to lose. Stripping down to her bra and panties, she took a deep breath, hoping against hope that this would work, got down on one knee and gave the tiny lamp a polishing rub.

Much to her surprise, the ancient relic began to stir in her hands, and a sparking blue cloud began to puff forth from the lamp's spout. The swirling smoke shimmered before realizing the form of a genie. The whole affair was surreal, otherworldly. It was like something out of a children's book.

The genie's eyes slowly opened, seeing Dawn down one knee in her bra and panties. "I am Sami, genie of the lamp, what is your wish, mistress?"

The question was so ancient, the discussion of philosophies thousands of years old. What would one wish for if they had the chance. There were infinite possibilities, one could spend a lifetime pondering what the perfect choice would be. For a fleeting moment, Dawn gave muse to these wondrous possibilities, the infinite power of a wish before recalling the imminent task at hand.

"Make me pantyhose!" she blurted out rapidly, looking up at the genie with hopeful green eyes. 

"Are you sure, my child?" asked the genie with the grave severity acquired over thousands of years within the lamp.

"Yes, yes, yes! Make me a pantyhose that never runs!" repeated Dawn more rapidly, with a hint of impatience at the slow deliberation at which the genie spoke. Massri's secretary would be back momentarily and Dawn needed to be ready.

"Okay, but you'll be sorry," replied Sami with sadness at the foolish girl's recklessness. He waved his hands, sparkly dust hanging in the air, gently falling toward the carpet, tickling the tips of Dawn's toes, as they settled on her bare feet. The genie's form dissipated back into smoke, drawing back into the spout of the lamp. Dawn sat back on the end of the bed, green eyes widely watching in wonderment.

The magical dust began to grow around her toes, foot, and ankle, swirling around the long curve of her calves. Right before her eyes, a pair of magical pantyhose was growing up Dawn's legs. She could not help but smile at her sheer luck. She had been so clever to think of it. As the waist band snuggly covered her flat tummy, Dawn proudly put her hands on her hips. Now to finish getting dressed, and do the interview that will put away a villain for a long time.

To Dawn's sudden surprise however, the pantyhose did not stop growing. The continued climbing up her curve of her ribcage. The sensation caused Dawn to chuckle nervously. The genie must have gotten the size wrong. She had been speaking so quickly, it was an honest mistake. "Um, hello? Sami? I think you've made a mistake. I wear a small," called Dawn trying to make light of the situation, be understanding. After all, she had little experience with genie's and did not know the proper etiquette. Waiting for a respond yielded still silence from the lamp on the carpeted floor. Time was running out, and Dawn found herself getting irritated at being ignored by Sami, and the infernal magic pantyhose were still growing! Stretching out the waist band, Dawn fought to keep them from claiming more of her midsection, but the clumsy maneuver only managed to get her arms trapped in the ever growing nylon sheath. The nylons grew and climbed up over the curve of her breasts, and Dawn's annoyance was replaced by panic.

"Um, Sami? What's going on here? I know you were in that lamp for a long, long time, but pantyhose stop at the tummy! I don't know how they were back in ancient Egyptian days!"

Again, the only reply from the lamp was no reply. The magical nylons grew up over Dawn's long slender neck, and around her fear filled face. She whimpered for Sami to help, but only tasted the gossamer nylon against her lips. As the sheer black hosiery consumed the top of her luxurious blond head, Dawn peered through the smoky gossamer with terrified green eyes.

She couldn't quantify it, but she felt her body fading as the hosiery began to strange sensation of settling on the bed. What was happening? I wanted you to make me pantyhose! thought Dawn. I didn't want you to make ME pantyhose! But her words had been all too clear. Sami's wish was her command. Now as all traces of her faded into a gauzy pair of stockings, Dawn instantly regretting not more carefully choosing her words. Be careful what you wish for made a whole lot more sense now!

Moments later, the secretary knocked on the door. When there was no answer, she entered. "Miss Meadows, you have had all the time you're going to receive, now either you come down ready for this interview or I will be calling your editor," warned the secretary. She peered around cautiously, apparently shocked to see no sign of Dawn. Noticing the pair of stockings on the bed, she looked around to make sure that nobody was looking and snatched them up, balling them up unceremoniously and stuffing them in her purse. "Well, Meadows, you can kiss your career goodbye," she chuckled.

An hour later, Dawn's cell phone received a terse message from Mr. O'Neil. "Meadows, I can't believe you went and sullied the good name of the Rose Tribune today on such a high profile interview. Massri's secretary tells me you pulled one hell of a stunt! You show up to the interview with nylons looking like a homeless woman, then after they offer you the goodwill to make right and get 'em cleaned up, you bail completely? Fine by me. If you don't want to be a grown up, and leave your stockings on the bed like some kind of teenage brat having a tantrum then I'm happy to say you're fired, Meadows!"

The next morning, Dawn was neatly placed on a bed, while the secretary slipped into her underwear. Then she took the pantyhose, rolled it up and slid it up her legs. Slowly, Eventually, Dawn regained the feeling of a body; of the secretary's body. Dawn now saw the world from the secretary's tummy, where the pantyhose's body section with Dawns eyes now rested. But Dawn couldn't enjoy the view for long time. Soon, a brown skirt blocked Dawns view. Only if she looked downwards, Dawn could see the pantyhose-clad legs and shoes of the secretary.

"A fine mess you' slipped yourself into, Dawn" she thought to herself in despair. Since she wished for a pantyhose that would never run, she would be stuck between being worn, washed and folded away in a drawer for a very long time.

-THE END (for life as beautiful, intrepid reporter, Dawn Meadows)

-THE BEGINNING (for life as a pair of indestructible, sheer nylons, Dawn Meadows)

Illustrations by Hippo2

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